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Services: Railings

Trimming Your Deck
If your deck is low enough to the ground, 30 inches or less, it does not have to have railings, according to Michigan law. That will allow you to enjoy a nice, open view. Otherwise, your deck will require railings, and you’ll have railing decisions to make.

When it comes to railings, you’ll want to think about color and privacy. Of course a wood deck will have wood railings, and your choices will be limited. With composite decking, you can choose from different colors and styles of railings. You can also choose from a number of railing colors to either coordinate or contrast with your deck. Do you want a railing that’s functional as well as looks good, one that’s wide enough for you to set drinks on? Then you can choose the cocktail railing.

Your composite railing can have composite or aluminum balusters (they’re the vertical bars in the railings). Aluminum balusters come in both square and round, are thinner, and they’re powder-coated so they won’t chip or rust. Or you can have a railing with glass in place of those bars, for a less obstructed view. That can be ideal if your home is on a lake.