Picture Frame Deck Boarders

Summer is the time for everything: barbecuing, spending time with friends and family, swimming pool parties, etc. Having a deck is always a great addition to your backyard because it compliments your house. Here at Michigan Best Deck Builders, we love to add character to every deck that we build. One of our signature features are the “picture-frame” borders in which is built along the perimeter of the deck. This not only adds uniqueness but interest as well.

Installing a bordered deck requires a lot of thought and planning bpicture frame deck boardersut it is not a difficult thing to do. By simply adding picture frame borders can take your deck from looking good to looking great! Bordered decks also makes your deck safer for you and your guests because it draws attention to edges and stairs from the outlining patterns of the shapes design. This is especially helpful for those who can’t see very well. Picture framing decks are good for making areas such as the seating area, fire pit, or grilling area stand out as well.

Want to add a cool new look to enhance your house? Please contact us at any of our locations in Oakland and Macomb County. We will be more than happy to build your picture frame deck today!

Trex Outdoor Deck Lighting Northville, MI.

Trex Outdoor Deck Lighting

rail and stair deck lighting

Finally summer is upon us! It’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather that Michigan offers us. Summer means one thing: Being outdoors as much as possible. One way you can extend your time outside is by adding some deck lighting to your new or existing deck. When it comes to lighting up your deck, we know the prefect brand to use. Trex Outdoor Lighting has been in business for over 20 years, and they know their stuff. Trex is leaders in low maintenance decks and high quality material, and now you get to experience that same quality in their Outdoor Lighting line. Trex is going to give you more options and colors than any other company can offer, with a 7-year warranty you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Lighting can help create an ambiance and extend your time outdoors far into the night. Deck lights can also accentuate and draw attention to the different deck features. By lighting up features such as railings, ledges, stairs and water features you can rest assure that you and your guests can see in the night, avoiding getting hurt and allowing you to comfortably enjoy the lighted up deck.

We are certified as platinum installers for all of Trex’s products and lines, proving to our customers you are getting the best that the Metro Detroit area can offer. We have been giving free quotes all around the Plymouth-Canton, Northville area and have been busy building decks that are hassle free, easy and no obligation. We want to help you get the deck of your dreams as easy, fast, with high quality craftsmanship and service that delivers. Let Michigan’s Best Deck Builders a professional deck building company give you the best quality and price, contact us today and let us help you plan your dream deck.


Trex® Transcend Deck Building in Eastern Michigan

See what a new deck can do to your backyard? At Michigan's Best Deck Builders we can help make your deck dreams a reality.

See what a new deck can do to your backyard? At Michigan’s Best Deck Builders we can help make your deck dreams a reality.

Trex® Transcend Deck Building in Eastern Michigan 

Deck season is almost here. Soon your life will be consist of being outside, grilling, and enjoying the wonderful weather Michigan has to offer. If you’ve ever spent even a little time out on a deck in the summer, you know that they are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they provide a place to host parties and enjoy the outdoors, but they also increase the overall value of your home. If you have never owned a deck or are looking to rebuild your current deck, we can help. Here at Michigan’s Best Deck Builders we want to match you up with your ideal deck for the summer ahead. We offer all kinds of deck options, and can help you create the backyard haven of your dreams. Unlike other companies in the Northville, Plymouth, and Canton area, we give you options, and offer our award winning service every time.

You can see how a a new deck can be like a face lift for a house. Let us help you make it happen

You can see how a a new deck can be like a face lift for a house. Let us help you make it happen

 So lets talk about your ideal deck, if you’re looking for a low maintenance, eco-friendly deck that will stand the test of time we have just the item for you. Trex® composite decks are made of 95% recycled material and they offer a quality guarantee other companies just can’t match. Their composite decks are virtually no maintenance, unlike wood decks that are prone to warping, and need to be re-stained and maintained annually. You can be assured that year after year your deck will look as good as it did when you first installed it (You can see the color choices below). No warping, no worry about splinters and fading, and cleaning is a simple as a deck brush and soapy water.

Color choices Trex offers for their decks

Color choices Trex offers for their decks

 Here at Michigan’s Best Deck Builders you can be assured that we have the Trex® brand seal of approval. We have been rated as a Trex® Pro Platinum deck installer, the highest level of certification that Trex® offers. So you can be assured that when you want a Trex® brand deck, you are working with the best.  Let us help you create your dream deck.

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