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Services: Cedar and Treated Wood Decks

Traditional Decking Choices
It’s important to use quality wood in deck construction, whether it’s cedar or pine. When it comes to wood decks in Michigan, cedar is the best choice. Cedar is light weight, weather resistant, durable, holds its shape well and expands very little. It’s attractive, too, with beautiful natural grain patterns. The material is extremely builder friendly and easy to work with.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to building with cedar. Michigan’s Best Deck Builders uses Western red cedar for decks, gazebos, pergolas, enclosures, custom benches and railing, trim, even swing sets, cabanas, picnic tables, trash bins, flower boxes and more.

However, like all wood, cedar does require care. If left untreated, a cedar deck in Michigan will only last 5 to 10 years. If taken care of properly, cedar construction will last a very long time. One common mistake made with cedar is in maintenance. We recommend using Total Wood Product, which has a stain and sealer all in one. Using this product every year or every other year on your deck, gazebo or pergola will help extend its life.

The most basic deck is built with treated pine. Pine is a less expensive alternative to cedar, though pine tends to twist, crack and split. That’s just what pine does, even though it’s chemically treated to withstand weather and rotting. Cedar is much straighter and holds up better; it doesn’t twist or crack, and expands very little.

If deck maintenance is not something you’d care to tackle, or pay to have done, we recommend going with a low maintenance composite material. Wood may be less expensive than composite upfront, but the composite will provide more value in the long-run.