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Services: Brick and Stone Columns

The Perfect Deck Complement
A common complaint about the appearance of a tall deck’s support posts is that they’re visually awkward and unattractive. Furthermore, tall decks supported by pressure treated 4”×4” or 6”×6” boards can leave the impression that a deck is supported only by thin, spindly stilts. Michigan’s Best Deck Builders has come up with a creative solution to remedy the problem. One option that’s becoming more popular on homes with a multi-level deck is the use of brick and stone columns and arches. The brick and stone material goes around the deck’s support columns, and along with the addition of arches, gives the deck a perceived better balance and a nice accent.

Another issue homeowners have with their wood or composite decks is that they don’t truly match a brick home. Without the support and balance of brick material, a deck attached to a beautiful brick home can seem incomplete. Michigan’s Best Deck Builders is one of the few deck building companies that can design and build composite decks with brick and stone columns and other accents, often matching a home’s brick or stone exterior. The result is a consistent and interesting look that’s impossible to replicate using wood or even composite alone.

Of the 250-plus decks Michigan’s Best Deck Builders constructs each year, many include brick and/or stone. We call these decks “hybrid decks” because they combine composite with brick and stone for columns, arches, a fireplace, an entire outdoor kitchen, or other deck accents. (Due to the weight of the brick and stone, special footings are required for support.)

We can design and construct beautiful custom brick and stone columns, arches and other accents to make your deck a true extension of your home. Or, if you’d prefer a unique, full brick and cement deck, with steel support and limestone railings, we can design and build that for you as well.