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Cedar & Treated Decks

When it comes to building wood decks in Michigan, cedar is the best way to go. It’s light weight, weather resistant, durable, and has very little expansion. Cedar is very attractive and has beautiful grain patterns. The material is extremely builder friendly and easy to work with.

Western Redwood Cedar has many uses. Michigan’s Best Deck Builders uses cedar to build almost anything. We use cedar to build pergolas, enclosures, custom benches and railing, finished trim, swing sets,decks, gazebos, cabanas, picnic tables, trash bins, flower boxes, etc.

The possibilities are endless. Cedar will last a long time if taken care of properly. One common mistake with this material is maintenance. We recommend using a product called TWP (total wood product) which has a stain and sealer all in one.

Using this every year or every other year on your deck or pergola will help its longevity. If this is something that you don’t enjoy doing or paying to have done, than we recommend going with a low maintenance material such as composite or cellular PVC. A Cedar deck in Michigan will only last five to ten years if left untreated.