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Brick Column

One common complaint about the appearance of tall decks is that the support posts are ugly and visually awkward.  Tall decks using pressure treated 4×4’s or 6×6’s can leave the impression that your deck is supported only by thin spindly stilts.

In truth these posts are structurally sufficient, but you can improve how strong your deck looks by adding some mass to the posts.  Luckily there are several creative solutions to the problem that can make your deck unique and attractive.

An option that is becoming more popular on upscale homes is to use solid brick or stone columns to support your deck.  This is a very interesting look that may be just what you are looking for.  You can match materials and patterns present on your house façade to achieve a consistency that is impossible to replicate using pressure treated wood.

The custom stone columns not only add a beautiful accent, they match the front of the house to further balance out a nice design feature of the home.  If you want the best deck money can buy that will add value to your home and a original unique look that’s hard to copy,  then brick or cultured stone columns is the way to go!



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