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Services: Composite Decks

Long Life, Low Maintenance, Aesthetically Pleasing
Composite deck building materials are made from either a combination of recycled plastic (plastic bags and packaging) and wood fibers (reclaimed wood and/or sawdust) or plastic alone. The high-quality composite boards we use to build decks will not split, crack or rot. They have a tough outer layer that’s extremely durable, made to resist weathering, fading and staining, along with mold, mildew and insects.

And Michigan’s Best Deck Builders constructs more composite decks than any other deck builder in the state of Michigan. More than 50 percent of the decks
we build are now composite decks. Composite decks are continuing to gain in popularity with homeowners, particularly because today’s composite decking:

  • Is much easier to maintain than wood decking
  • Is available in a wide array of color choices and wood graining, for a more natural look and feel
  • Comes with a great warranty

Wood decks require washing, restaining and resealing. Boards that split, crack or warp must be replaced, or they can become a safety hazard. The cost of staining and sealing a wood deck over a 10-year span can add up to more than the cost of the deck itself. You don’t need to sand or stain composite decks, just keep them clean to prevent a film from forming.